Jagan: Centre hurrying through hurdles

December 3, 2013:  YSR Congress Chief Sri Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy has said, the fast paced developments in Delhi indicate that the Congress is hurrying through
division process and does not want the
Krishna water dispute to come in way of the bifurcation.

announcing the formation of Telangana in 2009 on December 9, which also happens
to be Sonia Gandhi’s birthday, in 2010 an interim order on the Krishna water
sharing is issued and the Brijesh Kumar Tribunal gives its verdict in 2013 as
Congress does not want the water dispute to come in the way of the division,
“he told reporters here on Tuesday.

are wading through the process at a break-neck speed, may be to sweep
everything under the carpet and make way clear for another announcement on
December 9 this year. Clearing
Krishna water
sharing disputes in a hurry is an indication that the Congress wants to go
ahead with their agenda of dividing the state, come what may, he said.

the history of Tribunals and water disputes, he said, Bachawat Award was set in
1973 with a 40 year term. Twenty four years after it started working, Karnataka
has moved the court about the utilisation of surplus waters by Andhra Pradesh.

the year 2000 when HD Deve Gowda was Prime Minister and N Chandrababu Naidu was
Chief Minister of the State, Supreme Court has given a judgment pronouncing
that the lower riparian state does not have any right other than the allocated
share, which was a blow to the State.

then Chief Minister N Chandababu Naidu did not move, he did not go for an
appeal but allowed things to just happen. Should we understand that he has
appointed weak lawyers by design or should we think that he has no role to play
in the process, even to protest?

who succeeded Naidu, understood the gravity of the situation and before the
next (Brijesh Kumar) Tribunal gives its ruling, he wanted to build as many
irrigation projects as possible on the available waters of
Krishna River and started Jalayagnam.

Government has approached the new Tribunal to direct the Andhra Pradesh to stop
the new projects as well. What YSR has done was in the interest of the State.
Chandrababu Naidu is solely responsible for the depriving the State of its
rightful share of water right from 1997.

failed to build a single project on the
Krishna River but he is blaming YSR who died four years back. While the Tribunal was still in
session, there were two Chief Ministers, K Roshiah and N Kiran Kumar Reddy.
They could have given a better version.

does not question them nor does he question Sonia Gandhi as to why was the
River Water Disputes issue was hurried through but tries to blame YSR. It was
grossly Naidu’s mistake and inefficiency that gave an edge to the upper
riparian state of Karnataka which prospered while he was the Chief Minister of the
State, the Kadapa MP said.

system has degenerated to such a level that the Congress is single-mindedly
going ahead with the division process and even closing down contentious issues
in a supersonic speed unmindful of the consequences.

the water sharing dispute is the most important issue, Congress has brought to
the fore the Rayal Telangana issue which is meaningless and they have no right
to split the region.

if they merge all 13 districts with Telangana and give it the name we will be
very happy. They have no clue as to what they are doing and I have been meeting
all national leaders and now appeal to all floor leaders in the Parliament to
stop this injustice to Andhra Pradesh.

could be the turn of your state tomorrow. Only if a resolution is passed in the
assembly by two-third majority and it is ratified by both houses of parliament
with the same majority the state could be divided should be the norm.
Otherwise, it will be an attack on democracy and Andhra Pradesh should not set
a bad precedent,” he said.


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