It's Rather A Historical Mistake

TYSRCP's general secretary K.Siva Kumar criticised Telangana CM KCR's calling the irrigation deal made with Maharshtra Government a 'Maha Agreement'. He stated that it was not a 'Maha' (great) agreement but was a great deception, demanding the Telangana Government to release a white paper regarding the agreement. He complained that KCR had gone forward with the agreement in greed for commissions and that he had mortgaged the self-respect of the  people of Telangana to Maharashtra Government.
Reducing the height of the barrage being constructed at Tammidihetti from 152 m to 148 m and reducing the height of the barrage being built at Medigadda from 102 m to 100 m were not close to being 'historical' events and were rather historical mistakes, commented Siva Kumar. He demanded inquiry on the whole issue.

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