It is People*s Ballot

question Chandrababu*s government for not fulfilling the poll-eve
promises and to counter its Praja Chaitanya Yatras, the YSRCP has come
up with a unique people's ballot. The ballot will ask the people of the
state to give marks to the TDP government based on whether it has
implemented 100 promises that it gave in the run-up to the elections 18
months ago.

The YSRCP has asked the people to
question the TDP leaders who come to them as part of its mass contact
programme and ask them to rate themselves. It wanted the people to
counter the false propaganda of the party.

questions in the people's ballot range from crop loan waiver to
budgetary allocations to the new capital of Andhra Pradesh. The party
has appealed to the people to foil the propagandist designs of the TDP.
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