Insult To The Father of the Nation is Punishable

  • It is atrocious to demolish Mahatma Gandhi’s statue
  • Babu’s Government should apologize: Vasireddy Padma 

While all the other countries took inspiration from Mahatma Gandhi’s
principles, Chandrababu’s Government was insulting him, complained Vasireddy
Padma, the official spokesperson of YSRCP. She slammed the demolition of
Gadhiji’s statue by TDP Government, as she spoke to the media at the party’s
centyral office in Hyderabad. She demanded apology from Chandrababu.

Here is what she spoke..

  • TDP will not confront
    BJP about special status.
  • TDP is busy doing
    corrupt activities in the name of AP’s capital city construction.
  • Central and state
    Governments seem to be in a mutual agreement about hiding each other’s faults.
  • While the people of the
    state are fighting for special status and YSRCP MPs are struggling in New Delhi
    to have their voices heard, TDP is staying indifferent to all the commotion.
  • The centre is behaving
    as if AP is not a part of India.
  • Chandrababu is carrying
    Modi on his shoulders and Modi is in turn protecting Babu.
  • Mahatma Gandhi’s statue
    has been demolished early in the morning in Vijayawada in the name of ‘development’.
    The removed statue has been thrown in the sewage.
  • Nowhere in India has
    Mahatma Gandhi faced such an insult.
  • All the countries around
    the world take the principles of Mahatma Gandhi as inspiration.
  • UNO has held a
    conference in honour of the Mahatma.
  • Quit India movement will
    be 77 years old by the 8th of August.
  • Insult to people or
    things of national pride is a punishable offense.
  • Mahatma has the honour
    of place in currency notes. How justified is it to remove his statues and
    throwing them away?
  • Chandrababu seems to be
    considering himself superior to God and to great men.
  • This insult to Mahatma
    Gandhi is an insult to the whole country.
  • YSRCP demands apology
    for this crime from Chandrababu.


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