Huge Scam Under The Mask Of Swiss Challenge

Tyrannical rule in the name of capital development
Real estate business with farmers' lands
Robbery of lakhs of rupees even before announcement of capital
Insider trading employed
Swiss challenge system to be used

The ruling party leaders who had robbed lakhs of crores of rupees from farmers' lands even before the capital city was announced, are now getting ready to exploit Swiss Challenge system. They are going to perform real estate business with lands collected from farmers by employing the system and offering them to Singapore consortium. The litigations in the agreements made between the state Government and Singapore consortium regarding the valuable start up area project taken up in the seed capital in 1,691 acre area is being uncovered.
The Supreme Court declared long ago that the Swiss Challenge system lacked transparency. Kelkar committee also recommended against the employment of Swiss Challenge system. Against the opinions of intellectuals, social scientists and finance experts, CM Chandrababu chose to use the system for the capital city's master development. The opposition YSRCP has always been questioning the attempts being made by the Government in collaboration with Singapore companies. Recently, the joint High Court also slammed the Government's behaviour in this issue. Still the Government is going ahead with the plan only to benefit from swallowing lakhs of crores of funds.
This is the real estate business being done by the Government with hardly investing any capital. The namesake seed capital construction will not involve any important constructions like assembly or secretariat. The 1691 acres of land will be levelled and made into plots with infrastructure facilities added and sold. The companies of Singapore are being allowed to have selling rights on them till 25 years.

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