Huge response for Ravaali Jagan--- Kavaali Jagan mass campaign

The YSRCP’s month-long public outreach programme ‘Ravali Jagan – Kavali Jagan’ has picked pace across Andhra Pradesh. On the express instructions of party chief YS Jagan, the party workers and leaders are fanning into the villages from September 17. 

As part of this the party workers are going from home to home explaining about Navaratnalu. They are also trying to understand the problems of the peope. This programme will help in bringing the party closer to the people. They are requesting the people to voters to get closer to the people.

 The party workers are distributing pamphlets among the people and are explaining about the need to make YS Jagan the chief minister of the state. They are trying to explain to the people of the benefits that would accrue to them if they back YS Jagan.

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