How Can You Build A People's Capital?

  • Confront the centre about bifurcation-time promises
  • Why are you jumping with joy when injustice was done to AP?
  • Let us forget about package and work for sanction of SCS
  • Kolanu Parthasarathy slams Chandrababu
Vijayawada: YSRCP's senior leader, Kolusu Parthasarthy, slammed the Union Budget 2017-18 and mentioned that it was in no way beneficial for AP. Wondering what benefit Chandrababu had found in special package that 5.5 crore people of AP had not, he slammed TDP, speaking to the media, for nodding heads to what Arun Jaitley had announced in the budget sessions and jumping with joy.

How will you build a people's capital?
Parthasarathy demanded to know how TDP Government was planning to build an international-level capital with insufficient funds. He slammed Babu for not fighting for the right of people of AP, the special category status and questioned how TDP leaders could jump with joy when AP was being done injustice. He asked how ports could be built and highway connecting Amaravathi with primary cities of the country could be built without SCS being sanctioned.

Parthasarathy remarked that the Government had lured people, painting colourful pictures mentioning airports, harbours and international-level capital and finally watered down all the hopes.

Mentioning how the budget had promised to raise the standard of farmers' lives in the next five years, he questioned how it was possible if subsidy on pesticides and waiver of loans were not assured. He commented that water should be flown on crop fields and not on papers for the crops to grow. He also asked how employment opportunities could be improved without SCS. He suggested that TDP leaders should stop fooling people at least now.

Parthasarathy called for joining hands for achieving SCS, with inspiration of Jallikattu movement.
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