Has Chandrababu Nurtured Nayeem?!!

  • TDP doing evil things for power
  • Many Nayeems being nurtured in the state
  • Colprits should be exposed to people
  • TDP is pretending in the matter of special
    status: Parthasarathy

Hyderabad: YSRCP’s official
spokesman Parthasarathy stated that TDP’s misdeeds would be evident from the
proofs surfacing about Chandrababu and TDP leaders having protected Nayeem. He
added that it was terrifying to imagine how many more Nayeems TDP was nurturing
in the state. He commented that the Chief Minister, the ministers and the MPs
were confusing the public with their differentiated stand regarding the matter
of special category status. Parthasarathy remarked that Lokesh was trying to
talk low of the status, out of fear that YS Jagan would somehow achieve it. He spoke
to the media at the party’s central office in Hyderabad.

Here is what he spoke.

  • Investigation of Nayeem’s
    case is the best example to say how far TDP Government can degrade to save its
    power and authority. Nurturing rowdies, creating scare among people and earning
    money to save their seat is too terrible.
  • If Nayeem’s activities
    are horrible, nurturing such a criminal is also horrible. This matter needs
    transparent investigation. The links of leaders with the criminal should be put
    in front of people.
  • It should be uncovered
    how the political system can exploit the criminal system. It is heard that a former TDP minister is
    accused as A1 in Nayeem’s case and that Nayeem’s followers are the followers of
    the TDP minister.
  • It is terrifying to
    imagine how many more Nayeems would be nurtured in the state.
  • We have already seen
    how scam of worth lakhs and crores of rupees happened in the capital area. It
    is to be feared how many of such criminals will have to be seen in the days to
  • Chandrababu is not
    reacting while Telangana is building projects on River Krishna and River
    Godavari, due to fear of having to face inquiry in Note for Vote case.
  • He is in a situation
    to be scared of seeing Hyderabad in spite of having 10 years of authority on
  • Now we have to fear
    what more he will mortgage in order to come out of Nayeem’s case.
  • Chandrababu and his
    party’s MPs are giving mixed signals regarding special category status. MP Siva
    Prasad is the best example. Only some MPs go to Gandhiji’s statue to pretend
    for some time. On the other hand, the TDP MPs speak that AP is not going to get
  • Instead of introducing
    private bill for getting the status, the TDP MPs have banged the desks in the
    parliament when the bill did not come up for discussion.
  • Why is Lokesh trying
    to talk down on special status?
  • Venkaiah Naidu is just
    repeating what Chandrababu said about the status being his patent.
  • The leader of
    opposition and YSRCP president YS Jagan has done a hunger strike at New Delhi
    in demand for special category status. He also staged an indefinite hunger
    strike at Guntur. He held Yuvabheri programmes to raise awareness on the topic.
  • YSRCP is committed to
    special category status. Employment opportunities will improve with the grant
    of the status. Industrial development will be possible.
  • What did Chandrababu
    accomplish by going to Delhi 30 times? Could he achieve Polavaram? Could he get
    something more done for the capital city? Could he achieve special category
    status for the state? The state is only left with the burden of his travel expenses
    and nothing else from his Delhi visits.
  • Lokesh is exclaiming
    that Chandrababu is hardly able to meet his grandson. But without meeting his
    grandson, Babu has done nothing for the state.
  • YSRCP is ready to do
    any kind of fights for special category status.
  • Chandrababu has been
    bluffing the state since 2 years but has done nothing useful.

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