The Government's Attempts to Help the Defect MLAs

Hyderabad: Leader of opposition and YSRCP president YS Jagan commented that Chandrababu’s Government was mocking democracy. He explained that they were passing No Confidence Motion in order to try for the conclusion of the disqualification of the MLAs lured into TDP from YSRCP. During the debate on No Confidence Motion in the assembly, YS Jagan questioned the failure of the Government, citing the figures proving its corruption.

 YS Jagan demanded for the resignation of the defect MLAs or their disqualification. He expressed his displeasure at the attempts of the Government to save those MLAs from the trials of YSRCP to prove their disqualification. TDP foresaw the attempt of YSRCP and plotted to help the defect MLAs to escape voting. He mentioned that everybody had seen how the MLAs were lured into TDP in undemocratic ways. He remarked that those MLAs were nowhere to be seen in the assembly today. According to the already issued whip, the MLAs were supposed to be present to vote against Chandrababu’s Government, failing which they would be disqualified.

 YS Jagan complained that ministers were misinterpreting his words in this context. He commented that buying opposition party’s MLAs with corruptly-earned money was nothing but an attempt to weaken the party by depriving it of MLAs who would speak against the misdeeds of the Government. This was sheer mockery of democracy, supposed YS Jagan.

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