The Government is Responsible

Chittoor: Leaders of YSR
Student Union condemned Chandrababu’s Government for neither providing jobs nor
sanctioning the promised stipend for the unemployed. Telugu Desam Party had
promised prior to elections that it would provide a job for every household and
if not, it would sanction Rs.2000 of stipend to every unemployed person, but
completely ignored the promise after attaining power, complained the union

Speaking at Tirupathi, student leaders
commented that Babu was synonymous for deceptive and robbing Government. They questioned Chandrababu if he had given a job
in any industry. They expressed their agony saying that the students were so
depressed out of waiting for years for employment notification that they were
resorting to suicide.

The student leaders expressed sheer
displeasure towards the Government for showing indifference to their
betterment. They blamed the Government’s unresponsiveness over the students’

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