Government engaged in depraved ruling..!

Hyderabad: The YSRCP leader Kothapalli Subbaraidu enragedly attacked on the Government. He said that the diesel prices are declining worldwide but erroneously Chandrababu has increased the RTC charges. He questioned that how far is it correct to increase the bus charges which is a primary transport of the common man when he is spending crores of rupees for his convenience. He criticized that the government is regardless of the increasing prices of the essential commodities.

The prices of the pulse have crossed Rs.200 per kilogram; we can understand from this situation how the government is working. Chandrababu is not at all bothered about this situation. He said that Chandrababu pathetically failed in his promise to regulate the prices. The government is not paying any attention to the farmers who were suffering a lot lack of support prices.

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