Government is acting shamelessly

Hyderabad: The YSRCP MLA Kotam Reddy Sridhar Reddy fired on the shameless behavior of the government despite of the requests made to extend the assembly sessions to resolve the demands and problems of the people, it is not been considered. Further the 5 days session is also not utilized properly and it lead to unnecessary harsh comments by the ruling party ministers and the chief minister, said Sridhar Reddy.  

Sridhar reddy stated that farmers are not getting proper support for loans, liquor and unemployment issues are at the highest peak troubling the people and though they requested for the mike and wanted to sound the issue, the speaker didn't even bother and gave a chance, stated Sridhar Reddy in anger. He also mentioned that speaker is giving his full support in the Assembly to the governments wicked acts which could not be tolerated by them and hence to protest against these, they boycotted the meetings stated Sridhar Reddy. The future plans will be announced under the guidance of YS Jagan, stated Sridhar Reddy.

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