'Godavari water is brought to Krishna is all trash'

This is Conniving Government
YSRCP leaders fires on TDP

Hyderabad: The YSRCP MLA’s enraged the government. The YSRCP leader Jyotula Nehru furiously said that the TDP is declaring the results of the projects initiated by Great Leader Y.S.Rajsekhar Reddy, as their success. He said that the government is ruling the people with treacherous announcements and deceit, the leader of this con game is Chandrababu. He criticized that the announcement made yesterday that Godavari water is brought to Krishna is all trash. He spoke to media from the party office at Hyderabad.

The Krishna, Godavari amalgamation happened long back and it is funny that the TDP leaders were celebrating as if they did it. Nehru advised the Chandrababu government to do governance thinking practically keeping close to reality. He cautioned the Chandrababu Government not to attempt to deceive the farmers. 
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