GO 123 Meant To Deprive Farmers Of Their Livelihood

  • KCR is giving a blow
    to the farmers
  • He is robbing like
    Chandrababu in the name of land acquisition
  • YSR’s slogan was “Work
    for every hand-Water for every crop”: Gattu Srikanth Reddy

Hyderabad: TYSRCP’s president
Gattu Srikanth Reddy criticised that the GO 123 introduced by TRS Government
was a big blow to the farmers and said it was only meant to rob them of their
livelihood. Speaking to the media at YSRCP’s central office, he recollected former
CM Dr. YS Rajasekhar Reddy’s slogan “Work for every hand-Water for every crop”
and how he went ahead to build a number of projects in the united state of AP.
He criticised that TRS Government had been celebrating inaugurating moments
again and again in the projects that had actually been built by YSR.

Here is what he spoke:

  • ·       
    According to Land
    Acquisition Act 2013, only 1% of the land must be taken from areas where three
    crops are grown a year.
  • ·       
    In areas of general
    agriculture, if 1 lakh acres are to be acquired, only 5000 acres should be
  • ·       
    This act will allow
    the lives of farmers to flourish.
  • ·       
    GO 123 is a curse to
    the farmers’ livelihood.
  • ·       
    Cancellation of GO 123
    by the High Court is a big blow to TRS Government.
  • ·       
    Agricultural labourers
    are affected by the GO 123 due to loss of employment.
  • ·       
    Compensation should be
    paid in full to the farmers who have lost their lands.
  • ·       
    YSRCP shall fight at
    any level on behalf of farmers if they are troubled or mistreated.
  • ·       
    Don’t put farmers on
    death row with name of projects.
  • ·       
    With state budget of
    Rs.1,25,000 crore, it is being said that the allotment will be Rs.70,000 for
    Kaleswaram, Rs.60,000 for Palamuru-Rangareddy, Rs.40,000 for water grid,
    Rs.25,000 for Mission Kakatiya.
  • ·       
    YSRCP shall always
    support projects.
  • ·       
    Former CM Dr.YS
    Rajasekhar Reddy built many projects with the slogan “Work for every hand-Water for
    every crop”.
  • ·       
    The same projects are
    now being inaugurated again and again by TRS Government using different flowers
    at different occasions.
  • ·       
     Has TRS Government completed at least one
    project since it came to power 26 months ago? How many acres have been provided
    water till date?
  • ·       
    The decision of GO 123
    was KCR’s alone. He is responsible for all the GOs released in Telangana state.
  • ·       
    KCR’s teacher
    Chandrababu Naidu has robbed Rs.1,05,000 crore through deceiving people in the
    name of capital city till now.
  • ·       
    Many atrocious things
    were done in the name of capital city’s construction till now.
  • ·       
    KCR has to remember
    how Chandrababu was taught a lesson by the people of the state earlier.
  • ·       
    KCR is following the
    footsteps of Chandrababu Naidu in greed for lands.
  • ·       
    KCR has to beware of
    the impending blow from the people before taking one-sided decisions.
  • ·       
    development is not objectionable, but farmers’ hunger has to be answered first.


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