Fighting for the People

Ananthapuram: Senior leaders of YSR Congress Party spoke at the party’s office in Ananthapuram. District president of YSRCP Sankar Narayana stated that their president YS Jagan had been by the side of the people, fighting for the people’s welfare since the foundation of the party. He confided that YS Jagan would become the Chief Minister in 2019 with their support and effort. He called for the party’s activists of the party to take the Government’s misdeeds into the people.

MLA Visweswar Reddy during his speech mentioned that YSRCP had grown to be a very strong party in no time. He acclaimed late Dr. YSR when he said that his aim during his tenure was to see smiles on the faces of the poor. He added that it was with this inspiration that the party had been striving by the side of the people under the leadership of YS Jagan. Visweswar Reddy also mentioned that the party was going to perform more movements in the coming days.

Ex.MLA Gurunatha Reddy remarked that YSRCP had been functioning for the welfare of the youth, the labourers, the farmers and the women. He also criticized the Government for failing in keeping the promises it had made to the people.


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