Fight For SCS Will Continue

Hyderabad, Jan 31: Reiterating that the fight for Special Category Status (SCS) will continue relentlessly till the goal is achieved YSR Congress took strong objection to the BJP and TDP leaders’ adverse comments on the issue.

‘It was the same BJP leader M Venkaiah Naidu who raised his voice in the Upper House and sought more years of SCS for development of Andhra Pradesh and after coming to power has been speaking in a negative tone on the issue and Chandrababu Naidu has joined tune,’ party leader K Parthasarathi told reporters here on Tuesday.

We are very firm that the special package is no substitute for SCS. Special Package, of which the TDP-BJP duo has been beating tom-tom in high decibels, has nothing new in it. What was mentioned in the State Reorganisation Act has been included and nothing more but everything less, he said.

Likening our state with northeast states and telling that there has been no development is unfair on part of the leaders of both the parties as the socio-economic, demographic, geographic equations are very different and the natural and human resources of our state are very conducive for growth, he said.

The government has announced that MoUs were signed for 15 lakh crore investments but reality is otherwise. The Governor’s address itself speaks of a much lower investment figure with 102 projects in pipeline and an investment of Rs 5,900 crore. The neighboring Maharashtra has got investment of Rs 40,000 crores.

The incentives which come along with the SCS would have fetched more investments. Despite the leaders of BJP and TDP trying hard to water down the SCS, we will continue our fight relentlessly till the goal is achieved, he said.

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