Exert pressure for Telugu couple's release

Hyderabad, Dec
8, 2012: YSR Congress Party honourary president Smt. Y.S. Vijayamma on Saturday
wrote to the Minister for External Affairs Salman Khurshid requesting to exert
diplomatic pressure on the Norwegian Government for the release of the Telugu
couple Chandrasekhar and his wife Anupama who were jailed in that country for
over disciplining their son. 

Requesting the
Minister to use the country’s good diplomatic relations with Norway to ensure
the couple’s release for their reunion with their children back in AP, Smt.
Vijayamma also suggested in her letter that legal assistance be provided to
them through Indian embassy in Norway to make a strong case against jail term
for them when the case comes for trial in a higher court. 

Smt. Vijayamma
said in her letter that the couple might have over disciplined their child to
control his troublesome behavior at school and without realizing the child
rights and legal complications in that country. 

Citing the lower
court’s orders following which Chandrasekhar and his wife Anupama were jailed
for 18 months and 15 months respectively for over disciplining their elder son
Sai Sriram, Smt. Vijayamma said the two children aged 7 and 2 years were left
behind in AP under the care of their grandparents. 

She said that
YSR Congress supporters from around the globe are also appealing to the
Government of Norway through online petitions to take steps for their release. 

Pointing out
that this is only a case of cultural differences, she also suggested that the Indian
embassy take up counseling sessions for Indian families residing in various
countries regarding local laws, culture and etiquette to avoid recurrence of
such incidents in future.




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