Earning Money Is Babu's Main Aim

  • TDP’s sheer failure in
  • Democratic values at
  • Cheating cases against
    deceptive rule
  • Complaints to be
    lodged in police stations on the 8th of June
  • Vijay Sai Reddy is a
    learnt man: Botsa

Hyderabad: YSRCP senior leader Botsa Satyanarayana commented
that Chandrababu was interested only in earning money and selfish benefits.
After coming into power with the help of fake promises, Chandrababu had
forgotten all about them, Botsa remarked. He stated that the Government had
miserably failed in its rule. He added that the state that was otherwise
supposed to develop, had gone back by 20 years due to the corruption of
Chandrababu and his allies. In response to a question posed by the media, he
opined that there was no new construction going on in the state and in fact the
existing constructions were being demolished.

We shall lodge
cheating cases against Babu

Botsa spoke in the
media conference arranged at the party’s central office in Hyderabad. He slammed
the corrupt rule of TDP. He informed that action had been planned by YSRCP for
the 2nd of June, demanding legal action against the ruling party
leaders. But now due to the opinion of people and the party cadre it had been
postponed to the 8th of June. On that day, party meetings would be
held at all constituencies and then complaints would be lodged at all police
stations against the Government. He called for everybody including activists
and MLAs to condemn the Government’s faults.

Babu only knows
criticising others and praising himself

Botsa commented that everything Babu initiated had a selfish intention
behind it, but not the welfare of the people of the state. He stated that
nothing had happened in Mahanadu but criticising the opposition party leaders
and praising Chandrababu. He mentioned that none of the bifurcation-time promises
had been realised in the last two years. He dared Chandrababu to declare what
good things he had done for the state except robbing it.

 Vijay Sai Reddy is a
learnt man

Botsa criticised that Chandrababu had selected rich people as candidates
for Rajya Sabha elections, while YSRCP nominated a person with all the required
qualities of an ideal politician. He stated that TDP leaders themselves had
revealed that babu had been selling seats to those who had paid more. He
acclaimed YSRCP’s candidate Vijay Sai Reddy to be a highly educated person and
expressed trust regarding his efforts in Rajya Sabha in the direction of
reflecting the party’s ideals and thoughts and realization of the promises made
to the state. He also expressed satisfaction in minister Suresh Prabhu being
elected as a member of Rajya Sabha from the state of AP. He expressed hope in
Suresh Prabhu’s contribution for the solution of problems like Polavaram issue,
special status issue and special railway zone issue.

The people have to

Botsa expressed his
displeasure towards the Government’s mockery of democracy. He condemned
purchase MLAs like that of cattle in a fair and called it an act of degradation
in politics. He commented that after being caught in Note for Vote case in
Telangana, Chandrababu had been shamelessly continuing the same style of
politics in AP too. He stated that it was clear that Chandrababu was interested
in earning and business but not development of the state and called for people
to realise his selfish intentions. He mentioned that a more responsible
opposition YSRCP would uncover the Government’s faults by filing complaints
against the Government.

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