E-Pass Book System Is Risky

  • Babu sacrificing
    farmers to the revenue department
  • What is the need for
    cancellation of pass book system?
  • How can farmers know
    about the internet and the computer?
  • E-pass book system to
    give way to corruption in future: MVS Nagireddy

Hyderabad: YSRCP farmers’ wing president Malireddy Veera Sankara Nagireddy
stated that Chandrababu was offering farmers’ lives to the revenue department
by cancelling the pass book system. He spoke to the media at the party’s
central office in Hyderabad about the disadvantages of introduction of e-pass
book system. He reminded how Kotla Vijaya Bhaskar Reddy had cancelled the
system of Patels and Patwaris and introduced the pass book system and how NTR
had improvised it and sanctioned pass books and title deed rights to the
farmers. He questioned what was the need to cancel pass book system now.

MVS Nagireddy questioned
how the Government could suddenly cancel pass book system that had been in use
from 1986 and replace it with e-pass book system when no farmers’ organisations
had requested for it. He said it was ridiculous of revenue minister to state
that there was corruption in the department. He condemned cancellation of the
whole system just because fake pass books and title deeds arrived at a
particular district. He quoted Bill Gates who had said that poverty would not
be alleviated through the use of the internet and the computers but would be by
giving ten hens to each household.

MVS Reddy mentioned
that the GO 255 that had been hastily issued by the Government on the 18th
of this month was still uninformed to any of the farmers’ associations.
Objections to the GO had been invited from the 18th to the 30th
of this month but not a single newspaper announcement had been made in this
direction in spite of 70% of people in AP being dependent on agriculture and
48% being direct farmers, he exclaimed.

Nagireddy mentioned that
e-pass book system had the risk of allowing impersonation for loans and sale of
properties. He stated that the computer had once informed his lands in
Pamulapadu village of Krishna district being in the name of some Mulipuri
Venkata Rajababu. He exclaimed what would be the situation of illiterate and
innocent farmers if he had to face this sort of situation being a post graduate
with a 15-year experience as a farmer leader. He also presented proofs of this
incident to the media.

MVS Nagireddy also
mentioned that a title deed had named his father as Rammohan Rao instead of
Rammohan Reddy. He questioned what he could do if the officers asked in future
at the time of sale of the property to present proofstating his father was
Rammohan Reddy. He opined that this system could give way to corruption in the
revenue department and called Chandrababu’s administration an anti-farmer one.
He suggested that technology should improve existing situations but not degrade
them. He questioned how many farmers of rural areas would be acquainted to the
computers and the internet.

The revenue department
officials responsible for bringing fake pass books into picture had to be
punished instead of cancelling the whole system, Nagireddy explained. He
suggested Chandrababu to behave according to the reality.

Nagireddy informed
that a meeting would be held at the press club of Vijayawada on the 1st
of July regarding the e-pass book system introduced by Chandrababu and various
farmers’ associations in the state would take part in it. He invited farmers to
take part in it and advised them to check their title deed details in the mee


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