Do Not Use Raj Bhavan For Political Purposes

Hyderabad, Aug 31: Taking strong objection for using Raj Bhavan for political purposes, YSR Congress has said that the briefings with the Governor should be made public as they are of public interest and not that of constitutional affairs. ‘The sequence of events clearly point out that the discussion by Union Minister and TDP leader Sujana (YS) Choudhary with the Governor after having a meeting with BJP national president and Union Finance Minister close on the heels of a local court directing a reinvestigation into the cash for vote is not about special status as was told to the press,’ party leader Botsa Satyanarayana told reporters here on Wednesday.
We also demand the Telangana government to clarify as to why no action was taken against Chandrababu Naidu whose name was mentioned numerous times in the charge-sheet of cash for vote case. Telangana Chief Minister too had been very categorically stated that the noose is tightened and there is no escape route for Chandrababu Naidu. But things changed later and there was lull in the investigation process, he said.
Sujana Choudhary meeting top leadership of BJP, Union Ministers M Venkaiah Naidu and others and rushing to Raj Bhavan is a clear indication of what was being discussed. The TDP minister telling media that they have discussed special status issue is ridiculous and merely to divert the topic. There is no need to brief the Governor about special status as it is not a constitutional affair. It should be discussed with Prime Minister and others at Delhi, he said.
The way the meetings took place one after the other close on the heels of the court directive shows that the matter discussed was different and not what was briefed to the press and in the process the institution of the Governor has been misused.
‘We demand that Raj Bhavan should not be a plank for political intrigue and any matter of public interest discussed with the Governor should be made public by his office through a statement. Special Status is not an issue to be discussed at Raj Bhavan by a Union Minister,’ he said. On the drought situation, Chandrababu Naidu showing his ignorance would cut no ice as he always boasts of making best use of the information technology and his dashboard has full data. The State has deliberately postponed the Bankers meeting, scheduled to be held on Aug 12 only to avoid further questioning during the ensuing assembly session, he said.
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