Do not care being smart!

Three cities selected
Drought in three places of governing councils
Government to defer the polls

Hyderabad: The Central government announced the list of Smart cities  where in three cities of Andhra Pradesh have been selected. Three cities - Visakhapatnam, Kakinada, Tirupati have got that opportunity to be a part of Smart cities. However, the three cities are not supported with the local self-government councils. Because of this, authorities are running in their own style.

Smart City Opportunities
There was an interest in Smart city, because of the prestigious scheme introduced by the central government. The Centre has decided to spend money on these cities to make them look beautiful and move them towards  development. Based on the plan, the funds are to be release accordingly. Quickly and cost effectively the specifications for the development of these cities are well planned.

Cities which are not supported by governing councils:
The three cities selected due to various reasons as Smart cities do not have governing councils. Further, there is no proposal for election in these three corporation in near days.  Naidu came to power with false promises, but his conspiracy and plans were revealed within no time. Due to this public outcry became serious. In such situation, if elections are conducted, the present government will lose in the polls.  Realizing this situations, the ruling party has rescheduled the elections till situations are in favor.

The only way is Narayana:
Without the councils, these three cities are running and ruled by the Municipal authorities.  The Municipal affairs Minister, Naryana is a key member of Chandrababu's core team. Due to this, everyone in that are ready to grab the funds through different mechanisms involving illegal paths. Hence, the whole conspiracy is monitored under the guidance of Narayana and not ready to held elections in order to manage and drag the situations for their plan to work out smoothly.
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