dhulipala direction..police action

Guntur: The Guntur YSRCP District President Marri Rajsekhar said that the behavior of CI & police personnel in Ponnur Town has worsened. The Police are doing whatever Dhulipalla Narendra the Local TDP MLA is telling them to do. The Police have taken Nagabushanam belonging to Vaddimukkala Village to police station telling him that there is a dispute in Cable TV operations. There in the police station they filed illegal cases on him and tortured him cruelly demanding him to adhere to whatever Narendra says. Rajsekhar said that this incident was brought to the notice of District SP.

The YSRCP leaders expressed anger that the Police personnel are dancing to the tunes of the ruling party ignoring & violating Law & Order. They are filing illegal cases on whoever questioning the injustice. Narendra is stirring up the Police making them attack the houses of YSRCP leaders. The leaders have requested the District SP to take action and punish those who attacked Nagabushanam.

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