that the dharna programme against the spiraling costs of essential commodities
and the lack of MSP to farmers a total success, the YSR Congress has demanded
that the government take measures to check the prices and ensure that the
farmer gets a good price for his produce.


dharna programme at all the Mandal headquarters was a total success and we have
submitted memoranda to the Tehsildars in all the 13 districts demanding the
government to take effective steps to check the rising prices of essential
commodities and ensure that the farmers get MSP," party MLA G Srikanth
Reddy told reporters here on Monday.


prices of red gram and black gram have increased exorbitantly during the past
two years and the government has failed to check the price hike. As there is a
yawning gap between the supply and demand of red gram, the prices skyrocketed
and the state remained a mute spectator without taking any effective
steps," he said..


Rayalseema region while the price of groundnut was Rs 3,000 till the harvest
and fell to Rs 1,400 after the harvest, there was no action from the state and
the middlemen have benefited, he said. The state did not review the
situation of spiraling prices of essential commodities nor did it make any
arrangements to ensure the MSP to farmers, Reddy added.


demand that the government should release RS 5,000 crores towards MSP and Rs
1,000 crore for Market Stabilsation to safeguard the farmers and consumers, he


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