Development is his Identity

Today we celebrate Birth Anniversary of a great leader the Late Y.S.Rajsekhar Reddy. No one has ever strived as he did for the all-round development of Telugu speaking people. The whole country was surprised when he brought in various innovative schemes which helped in creating a hopeful living environment to the Telugu People. He is not here in person but he lives in people’s hearts as, a power, an inspiration, and an address to development & social schemes and as an immortal!

The leaders who come forward to work for the people will change themselves to the prevailing situations and work according to the time & situations…Y.S.Rajsekhar Reddy was such a special person! When one thinks of a leadership ‘from the people & for the People’, we inevitably recollect his life and works! The people for whom he strived remember him always and feel sorrow that if he was alive the situations now would have been different. Surprisingly, the leaders who opposed him and criticized him quite often also expressed that the situations in the state would have been different if he were alive!

YS always endeavored for the people; he not only achieved National Status to Polavaram Project but also implemented ‘Arogya Sri’ a revolutionary Welfare scheme. He also implemented ‘Indiramma Project’ which was aimed at constructing houses in providing shelter to lakhs of poor people.                                   

In his Election Manifesto he declared free electricity and waiver of electricity bill dues. After coming into power he implemented Arogya Sri, Fee Reimbursement, Minority Welfare, Indiramma Houses, Pavala Vaddi (25np interest scheme), Farm Loan waiver……to be more precise he created an environment of hopeful living to the Telugu People. He changed the 9 year era of Chandrababu Naidu which left behind an environment of sorrow and pain marked with farmer suicides, migrations, debts, unemployment problems. YS understood the evil consequences arising out of World Bank favorable systems which prevailed throughout the country and tactfully utilized those and implemented activities & schemes for the Development of People and State Welfare. Thus, he became a beloved deity for the entire Telugu Race!

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