Democracy In Danger

Purchase of MLAs is to be condemned
I didn't expect AP to develop in this manner
Corruption will push the country into danger if not interrupted
We shall fight against the issue of party defection in the parliament
CPM extends complete support to YSRCP's fight: Yechury

New Delhi: National General Secretary of CPM, Sitaram Yechury condemned the purchase of MLA with corrupt money. He remarked that he had never seen such type of politics in the country before. He commented that he had hoped to see the new state of Andhra Pradesh develop but not in the sector of corruption. He mentioned that the defection of MLAs to their party was a sign of danger to democracy. He also stated that it was a shameful situation. He expressed his concern by saying that if the corruption was not interrupted at this point, there would not be democracy in future. If people lost confidence in democracy the system would be endangered, he opined.

Sitaram Yechury commented that buying MLA was defiance of law and a serious issue. He supposed that the anti-defection law needed to be amended and stated that he would fight in the parliament in this direction. Yechury extended his uncompromising support to the movement brought forward by YSRCP on behalf of his party. He expressed his displeasure towards purchase of MLAs in AP being more prevalent than in Uttarakhand. He questioned what was the meaning of democracy is the people's decision was not respected. He specified that his party would fight to get the anti-defection law amended.

YSRCP is continuing its movement against Chandrababu's degraded politics. It is fighting with the slogan 'Save Democracy' in New Delhi. The team led by the leader of opposition and YSRCP president YS Jagan met CPM National Secretary Sitaram Yechury at his office. YS Jagan explained to him Chandrababu's unethical politics and handed over a copy of the book 'Chandrababu- The Emperor of Corruption' to him.
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