Deadline Is The 7th of September

  • Every Kapu person is beside Mudragada
  • Kapus will show what they can do if promises are not realised
  • Let us all together take the movement forward
  • Ambati speaks in Kapu conference held at Dasari's house
Hyderabad: YSRCP's official spokesman and Kapu leader Ambati Rambabu mentioned that Mudragada Padmanabham was not alone in his fight for Kapu community's rights. After participating in the meeting organised for the community attended by Mudragada at Dasari Narayana Rao's residence, he spoke to the media and revealed the details of the meeting.
Ambati acclaimed Mudragada'a 14-day deeksha for Kapu community's welfare in demand for its reservation status. He appreciated the courage shown by the leader  as the Government was trying to mercilessly suppress the cause.
Ambati reminded that the Government had earlier promised to give the community reserved status as 'BC' category by the 7th of September. He informed that the meeting had discussed action plan to be followed after the deadline if the promises were not realised. As Mudragada was getting ready to insist the Government on keeping this promise, the other leaders of the community assembled to extend solidarity to his fight, he said. He stated that Mudragada was not alone in the fight and every person from the community was in his support. He confided in united fight irrespective of political favouritism for the cause.
Ambati revealed that the meeting had unanimously decided to take the movement forward if the Government failed to keep its promises within stipulated time limit, cautioning that it would have to pay the price if it chose to neglect the matter. He stated that Kapu leaders had plotted a counter-plan to Babu's plan of watering down their movement. He said that they were only asking the Government to keep its promise but not asking something new. In response to the question posed by the media, he stated that it was for Pawan Kalyan to let the media know if he was going to be involved in the movement.

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