Davos Tour Was Only To Brag About

  • A committee should be formed with former RBI governor Rangarajan
  • DIPP accounts prove your lies
  • You can't keep cheating
  • Rs.10,000 is a lie. 23 lakh jobs is another
  • White paper should be released on investments
  • It is opposition party's responsibility to tell people the truth
  • YSRCP MLA Buggana Rajendranath Reddy
Hyderabad: Taking objection to TDP Government's wasting people's money in the name of CII summits, PCC chairman and MLA, Buggana Rajendranath Reddy, demanded that a committee should be formed with RBI's former governor Rangarajan and a white paper should be released. Speaking to the media at the party's central office, he slammed the false publicity being done by TDP Government and mentioned it was shameful to publicise lies in the presence of none other than cabinet minister Nirmala Sitaraman.

What did Davos tours and SII summits achieve?
Mentioning that Chandrababu had already been to Davos 13 times, Buggana questioned what it had yielded after wasting so much of people's money. Criticising that not even a job had been given, he suggested that it was foolish to think spending crores of rupees for publicity in 24 national newspapers would yield investments. He commented that it was funny of Babu to show Rs.4.5 crore investment while even Kiran Kumar's tenure could earn Rs.6.5 crore.

Lies do not win forever
Recollecting Abraham Lincoln's words that meant nobody could deceive all the people at all the times with lies, Buggana advised Chandrababu that people were smarter than him and would not fall for his lies for so long. He added that people were observing TDP leaders' deeds.

Hyderabad Biryani earned fame due to you
Buggana ridiculed that CII summit had yielded nothing except a little fame to Hyderabad biryani and Charminar. He spoke against Yanamala Ramakrishnudu's statement that there was no need for special category status due to GST. He questioned if the advent of industries would not promote employment and slammed Sujana Chowdary for speaking low of people's movement.

Where is the mention of those companies?
According to DIPP (Department of Indsustrial Policy and Promotion), no companies mentioned by Chandrababu had come, Buggana informed, adding that the information regarding all investing companies would be there. He also revealed that anyone who wanted to establish companies would have to submit an IEM (Industrial Entrepreneur Memorandum) and only then could they get license to set up and opined that Babu was only betraying people with his words.

AP only got Rs.11,395 crore last year
Finding fault in the Government's information that AP had gotten Rs.99 crore investment and MoUs worth Rs.4.5 crore had been made lat year, Buggana stated that the state had gotten only Rs.11,395 crore. India, as a whole, had gotten only Rs.1,00,500 crore and Maharashtra was in the first place with Rs.40,000 crore, he revealed. He questioned what Babu planned to do with spinning mills and solar power projects, while the whole country had power sufficient for 10 years already.

Not ease of doing, it's ease of lying
Commenting that there was only ease of lying in the state and not ease of doing business, Buggana presented a comparative study of the development achieved in Chandrababu's tenure and YSR's tenure.

Per capita income before Chandrababu came to power (1993–94)      Rs. 15,502
Per capita income during Chandrababu's tenure (1994–2004)     Rs. 23,448
Per capita income during YSR's tenure (2004–09)            Rs. 89,000
While Chandrababu raised per capita income by Rs.8,000, YSR raised it by Rs.65,000.
Gross produce in 1984–94 5.90%
Gross produce in 1994–04 5.70%
Gross produce in 2004–09 9.60%
While Chandrababu brought it down by 0.2%, YSR doubled it.
Establishment of industries in 1984–94 8%
Establishment of industries in 1994–04 6.50%
Establishment of industries in 2004–09 11%
It got almost doubled during YSR's tenure

Did you have to go to Davos?
Questioning if Chandrababu had to go to Davos for investments, Buggana showed how YSR had achieved more development than Chandrababu without going to such places. He also cited how Jayalalitha and Karunanidhi had gotten hundreds of kilometres of IT corridor set up without going to Davos. Criticising that Babu's publicity was costing hundreds of crores of rupess of people's money, he declared that it was the responsibility of the opposition party to let people know about the truth. Saying Chandrababu's Government was inclined towards betraying people with false numbers and fake promises, he cautioned that such cheap tricks would not work anymore. Buggana demanded for release of white paper on CII investments.

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