Coop polls only because of Central law

Hyderabad, December 11: The Congress government
in the State is going ahead with the cooperative societies elections only to
fulfill the Central law but has no real interest in empowering the local bodies,
YSR Congress has said. 

"As there is no scope for further extending
the term and the Central government's Bill makes it mandatory for the State to
hold elections before February, it has announced the election dates but the
government lacks sincerity,' party official spokesperson Bajireddy Goverdhan
told reporters here on Tuesday. 

Asserting that YSRCP is fully prepared for the
elections, he said, they would thwart any attempt by the State Government to
deviate or to misuse power and official machinery in the process. 

"If there is any misuse of power by
allowing the nominated persons to vote will resist tooth and nail, he said
adding that if the elections are conducted in the true spirit of cooperative
movement, we will participate and emerge victorious.

The state has announced the elections in a hurry
only to fulfill the constitutional obligation but it has no love for the
cooperative movement and wanted to run the institution through nominated posts
only, he said. 

The State on its part did not amend the
Cooperative Act to benefit the marginalised sections of the society, he said
adding that such a move will keep the SCs and STs away from the development process.

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