Continuous mistakes…!

1. The process of arrangements for Pushkaras is completely taken care by CM Chandrababu Naidu and core team members along with the support of the Ministers who were in favor. Why are others not given a chance?...

2. There was a scam of more than 1650 crores in the name of Pushkaras which has been protested by the Opposition parties. Still, the ruling party didn’t even bother and continued to work.

3. While Advertising about Puskharas is well taken care of, why didn’t the Government put efforts in supporting the devotees with proper arrangements?

4. It is a well known fact that many people visit to Rajahmundry. There is huge number of devotees expected. But, why didn’t the Government considered the number and prepared for it before hand?

5. Everything is done under the guidance of the core team members and no way the district MLAs are involved. There was no meeting held in relation to the Pushkaras with the local leaders… at least.. Government is no way bothered in knowing the opinions and suggestions of the all party leaders.

6. While CM is given a special VIP ghat, why the pooja for the Pushkaras for CM performed in another ghat….!

7. Almost for 3 hours the devotees are held up in the queue on the road…!

8. Thousands of devotees already present near the Ghat is clearly visible in the CC TVs; still the queues are released at a stretch…..!

9. The team of officers formed a group near the CM to score his marks…!

10. When Chandrababu Naidu left, the complete officers and other Ministers also ran behind the CM…!

11. A single Ambulance at least is not visible near the incident
12. Why is the negligence in arranging proper medical camps to help the devotees?

13. The lives of few of the victims would have been saved if proper arrangement was made in taking them to the hospitals.

14. When the devotees shouted helplessly for water, why there were no proper arrangements for drinking water?

15. There is not even a single work done to support the devotees but there was huge publicity regarding the Pushkaras. Why…!

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