Cong should first announce its T stand

Hyderabad, December 7: Dubbing the All-Party meeting on Telangana issue as a drama, YSRCP has said, the ruling Congress Party should spell out its stand before taking the opinion of other political parties. 

“Congress is the major political party and it has to be categorical about its stand on Telangana and then seek the opinion of other parties to prove its sincerity. We will discuss and take a decision on the issue after we get an invitation to attend the proposed meeting,” the Party spokesperson Bajireddy Goverdhan and PAC member Konatala Ramakrishna told reporters after the PAC meeting here on Friday. 

“Ours is registered but not recognized party and if we get an invitation we will be very categorical and will not be ambiguous on the issue, unlike Congress and TDP,” they said. 

Is there a need to convene All-Party meeting whenever the Union Home Minister is changed is something that finds no convincing answer and it is also not clear whether it is the Centre or the Congress Party that is convening the all party meeting. 

Earlier, two all party meetings called for in December 2009 yielded no results and Congress has been playing blame game instead of spelling out its stand, they said. 

Three smaller states were created out of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Madhya Pradesh as per article 3 by passing a bill in the parliament and sending it to the respective State assemblies for ratification. 

“Here the issue has being politicised and we consider the All Party meeting was convened only to keep Telangana Congress MPs in good humour on the day of voting on FDI in retail sector issue,” they said. 

TDP has been changing its stand regularly and N Chandrababu Naidu is like a chameleon who sings different tunes at different platforms. As and when we get the invitation for the December 28 meeting our Political Affairs Committee (PAC) will meet and take a decision, giving no room for ambiguity. 

We respect the sentiments of all regions, and want economic, social and industrial development of Telangana, they said. 

Congress, being in power at the Centre and State and being the largest party should first give a draft of its proposal of a Separate Telangana and seek the approval or rejection of other parties instead of trying to shift the blame on others or using the oft  repeated remark that “there is no consensus among the parties on the issue.” 

The PAC, which met in the morning, discussed among other things the political situation, cooperative elections, FDI Bill and SC, ST Sub-Plan besides the all party meeting, they said.  

The State Government has been trying to politicise the cooperative elections which goes against the spirit of the cooperative movement, they said.

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