Cong not keen on solving T issue

Hyderabad, January 28:
Demanding an immediate solution to the protracted Telangana tangle, YSR
Congress has said the state leaders of all the regions should mount pressure on
the high command as the Centre is not keen on settling the issue early.

“Our stand that the government
and Congress party are two different entities has been vindicated with Azad’s
statement and it is time for all the wise heads to come together and find a
solution to the long drawn struggle,’ the party spokesperson Gattu Ramachandra
Rao told reporters here on Monday.

Despite such public outcry,
the Congress did not spell out its stand. It has been whipping regional
passions and now it has created a third dimension to the Telangana issue.

The Centre should have talked
with its leaders of all the three regions before the All Party Meeting.
 The Congress leaders should mount pressure on the Centre now to get an
early solution to the 60-year old issue, he said.

Delhi has been pulling the
strings and the state congress leaders have become puppets with one region
after the other taking turns in accelerating the agitation and now a third
dimension too is added to the separate state issue with Rayalaseema throwing
its hat in the ring.

“Instead of surrendering the
self respect of the Telugu people to the Centre, state Congress leaders should
bring pressure on the High Command to force a quick result, “he said.

The Centre wants the Telangana
pot to be boiling and is not interested in an early solution, but as the
situation is very demanding, now Congress leaders of all the regions should be
more assertive unlike the statement of K Jana Reddy which dampens the spirit of
the agitation, he said.

Despite three all party
meetings and one Sri Krishna Committee that went into the issue but there was
not outcome. Region wise agitations are being orchestrated by the Delhi durbar
as it does not intend to bring out an early solution, he said.

The UPA government which could
pass the 123 Nuclear agreement Bill and FDI in Retail Bill despite stiff
opposition is backing out on the Telangana issue as it lacks sincerity and TRS
which claims to be spearheading the Telangana agitation has never been
aggressive on Delhi leaders.

“It is using only kid gloves
while attacking high command and its conduct is questionable. When Congress
decided to pit candidates against TRS leaders who quit assembly for the cause
of Telangana, the equation is clear that they are at loggerheads, but TRS leaders
are soft on Congress for whatever reason,” he said.

The decision of the Centre
to further prolong the issue is an insult to the people of the state and it is
time to keep away from the arithmetic of votes and seats and work for a viable
solution, he said

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