CM, Babu yielding to Delhi dictates : Jagan

Sodam (Chittoor dist),
Jan 9, 2014:  Reiterating that the Chief Minister and Leader of Opposition
have yielded to the arrogance of Delhi and are helping in expediting the
division process, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has said participation in the debate
means giving unbridled support to the draft Bill which has landed in the State
Assembly by-passing all precedents and healthy democratic procedures.

“Those who are finding
fault with us for rejecting the discussion on the draft Bill and seeking a
resolution were not known to have raised their voice against the division of
the of state. They neither sat on a dharna, nor did they give an affidavit to
the President opposing the division and they have not even written a letter to
the Centre on Samaikyandhra,” he told a large gathering here after unveiling
the statue of YSR.

The arrogance of Delhi has
come in to full play when it has unilaterally taken a decision and sent the
draft Bill to the State assembly. Though 70 % of the people and majority of the
MLAs are opposed to the division, it did not take the Assembly into confidence
and has brazenly gone ahead with the division process.

Ghulam Nabi Azad comes as
an emissary of Sonia Gandhi and things fall in place with Congress and TDP
falling in line and agreeing for the debate. “Once you agree for the debate it
means that you have accepted the division of the State in principle. This is
our contention and we still insist that a resolution should be adopted in the
house before the Bill is taken up for discussion.

“Kiran Kumar Reddy and N
Chandrababu Naidu have joined the conspiracy of dividing the State and have
shifted to top gear after Azad came to town which shows that the degradation of
politics and the ugly face of manipulative politics,” he said.

While they have been going
all out to help Sonia Gandhi who is determined to divide the state, the two
leaders are never seen in the Assembly when the House is on the threshold of a
crucial juncture. Naidu has been directing his members from his chambers to cry
out regional slogans as the party stand is unknown.

They are the joint
betrayers as they are helping out the Centre in the division which is being
opposed by majority of the people from Kuppam to Srikakulam. The slogan has
been Samaikyandhra all over.  The conspirators will be washed away in the
tide of people’s mandate and we will win over 30 MP seats and decide who the
Prime Minister will be, he said.

 YSR has been
remembered by the masses as he touched their hearts through welfare schemes.
The present day leaders are not bothered about the students who will be at a
loss for a place to search for jobs and farmers who will be deprived of water
when the state is divided.

YS Jagan Mohan Reddy’s Samaikya
Sankharavam yatra is concurrently running with the unfinished Odarpur Yatra in
Chittoor district.

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