Cinemas craze lead to the disaster…!

New developments were noticed in the incident of stampede in Godavari Pushkaras. The reason behind the tragic incident that took place in the recent Pushkaras is revealed to be the craze of Chandrababu Naidu towards the making of a short film on Pushkaras.

Since many days, Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu, is completely absorbed in the vicious circle of cash for vote case. In order to come out of it, he thought to use this Pushkaras as a support to prove himself and get highlighted overall in the country for the arrangements and care taken by him for this Pushkaras. So, he asked his people to inquire about a National channel. Then and there arrangements were made within no time. Overall 50 members came to Rajamundry and stayed in the hotels. Technicians and channel members had a look at the arrangements of ghats around and identified the Pushkara ghat where more number of devotees is expected. According to the information received from the localities, Pushkara Ghat is assumed to be the right place where the crowd is expected to be more. Due to this reason, the Chief Minister along with his family, are asked to perform the rituals by the channel technicians and holy dip in this Ghat. Based on the opinion stated by the channel, instead of the VIP ghat, there was a sudden change in the plan that the Chief Minister will perform his rituals and holy dip in c Ghat. Because of this, the devotees were stopped for more than 2 hours. Their plan was to capture the scene in the high end cameras placed near that ghat, when the devotees started rushing out of the queues. So, based on the plan, they opened one gate, wherein the innocent devotees rushed and an unexpected stampede occurred and devotees lost their lives and severely injured. So, Babu’s cinemas craze lead to the disaster where innocent people were killed. While the Chief Minister stayed in Rajamundry for 2 days, the organizers and other members moved around the Chief Minister and no one bothered about the drinking water facilities or the Medical camps and even the ambulances.
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