Chevireddy dares his critics to prove allegations

Hyderabad: Reiterating his stand on government officials’ ‘unethical behavior’ YSRCP MLA Chevireddy Bhaskara Reddy said that the officials indulging in unethical practices will not the spared. 
Chevireddy on Saturday addressed press and media in Hyderabad press club where he advised his critics to know the facts before making allegations against his personnel behavior. 
He challenged them to prove his alleged misbehavior even with one officer of Chandragiri constituency. The YSRCP MLA said that some officials in his constituency are working as tools in the hands of ruling party leaders and they will not be spared in the best interest of people and democratic functioning of the administration. 
At the instance of ruling party leaders, certain officials showing discrepancy against YSRCP cadre and voters, “is it not my responsibility to question the official’s discrepancy” he asked. 
He said that it is not his nature to harass the officials and added that he maintains cordial relations with all 2500 government employees working in his constituency at different levels. He however made it clear that he won’t spare any one if he works against the democratic norms.
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