Chandrababu's Murky Politics Exposed Again

Hyderabad : YSR Congress party strongly condemned the reports published in a section of media on the ranking of the money launderers which included YSR Congress President YS Jagan Moan Reddy.

Party official spokesperson Vasireddy Padma alleged that it was Chief minister N Chandrbabu Naidu who planted such false stories against YS Jagan in the media. The Enforcement Directorate  neither released the list of the money launderers  nor announced the names . She dared the ruling TDP  leaders to make public the evidences, if any, on the rankings in money laundering published in the media. 

After seeing the overwhelming received the Praja Sankalpa Yatra taken up by YS Jagan, she said Chandrababu conspired to  defame YS Jagan in public by publishing  false news. The TDP Chief also exploited the media during Nandyal bye election by publishing a report that YS Jagan will sail with BJP in the next elections with an objective to stay away Muslims from voting YSR Congress. 

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