Chandrababu Is Treating People As His Enemies

  • Watch and learn from Modi and KCR, Babu!
  • It is unjust of minister Yanamala to say funds would not be allotted to
    the development of constituencies

Hyderabad: MLA Narayana Swamy expressed his displeasure towards minister
Yanamala Ramakrishnudu’s announcing that funds would not be allotted to MLAs of
YSRCP as long as TDP was in power. He mentioned that PM Narendra Modi had
allotted Rs.5 crore to all MPs irrespective of the party they came from and CM
of Telangana KCR also sanctioned Rs.3 crore per MLA whichever party they had
come from. He ridiculed that Chandrababu had to watch them and learn from them.
He stated that everybody knew the intention behind Yanamala’s statement that
all the MLAs who wanted funds had to directly meet the CM. He added that people
were observing how MLAs were being lured and bought.

Narayana Swamy acclaimed late Dr.YS Rajasekhar Reddy for co-operated
with the MLAs of all the parties irrespective of their caste and religion and
sanctioned houses to the poor in the name of Indiramma Housing Scheme. He gave
YSR the credit for being equally generous to all the classes of people. He
criticized Chandrababu, who on the other hand treated people as his enemies.
That was why people protested against Babu wherever he went, stated Narayana
Swamy. He predicted that TDP would not be able to win even in 5 constituencies.

Narayana Swamy commented that Chandrababu was suppressing people of
various constituencies just like he had suppressed dalits. He complained that
while 6 mandals of his constituency had 62 clay roads, they had not been at
least changed as BT roads. He questioned what happened to the promise
Chandrababu had made to the people Chandragiri constituency regarding changing
clay roads as BT roads of when he had contested from Congress Party there in

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