Chandrababu Is A Political Necromancer

  • Do you have any shame,
  • How many voices will
    you suppress?
  • You escaped with fear
    of Note for Vote case
  • You mortgaged the
    benefits of the state
  • You insulted TDP’s
    founding president NTR
  • YSRCP leaders slam

Vijayawada: Nellore rural MLA
Kotamreddy Sridhar Reddy slammed the ban on the media unjustly imposed by TDP
Government. He suggested the leaders, the followers and the activists of the
party to use the social media as a weapon as Babu could not dare to touch it.
He reminded Babu’s earlier statements that defectors were political prostitutes
and thieves, but now he himself was encouraging defection and added that Chandrababu
was a political sorcerer for doing so.

He mentioned that just
buying a handful of MLAs would not change the result of 2019 elections. He
questioned why the Government was not ready to order for CBI inquiry on capital
land mafia. He revealed that not even the leaders in TDP had known that TDP
would win the 2014 elections so most of them tried to join YSRCP. He mentioned
that TDP had won only due to the support of Modi and Pawan Kalyan and because
YSRCP did not know how to lie. He confided that YSRCP would win with flying
colours in 2019 and nobody could save Chandrababu and Lokesh from losing.

Control over the media

YSRCP MLA Kodali Nani
complained that Chandrababu had been threatening the media into praising him.
Speaking at the general body meeting held in Vijayawada, he mentioned that Sakshi
TV channel had been banned vengefully for fearlessly exposing the misdeeds of
the Government. He cautioned about severe consequences if the telecast of the
channel was not resumed.

Nani criticised that
Chandrababu had pushed TDP’s founding president NTR out of the party while he
was still alive and insulted him leading to his eventual death. He commented
that while the people responsible for NTR’s death were in TDP, the people who
worshipped the YS family were in YSRCP. He also mentioned that while YS Jagan
had gone to jail for turning against Sonia Gandhi for the sake of the promise
made to people, Chandrababu had evaded to Amaravathi from Hyderabad due to
being caught in Note for Vote case.

The state has been

Uravakonda MLA
Visweswar Reddy commented that Chandrababu had weakened the agriculture sector
in the state. Speaking at the general body meeting in Vijayawada, he complained
that not even Rs.7 crore of the farmers’ Rs.87,000 crore loans had been waived
as promised. He expressed concern towards the injustice being faced by the
farmers of the state in irrigation sector. He clamed Chandrababu’s silence
towards Telangana’s unlawful projects even when the state was at verge of
becoming a desert and attributed this silence to his fear of facing inquiry in
Note for Vote case.

How shameless is

Vijayawada’s party
president Vangaveeti Radha, during his speech at YSRCP’s general body meeting,
slammed Chandrababu. He mentioned that he would continue in YSRCP till the end
and would not yield to any kind of enticement. He mentioned that the people of
Vijayawada were facing a lot of traffic problems due to Chandrababu’s being in
the city. Radha complained that Babu was having his banners pulled up by the
people who had killed his father Vangaveeti Ranga.

He confided that YSRCP would prevail soon in Vijayawada.

He assured that nobody
would be in trouble after YS Jagan came to power. He criticised unjust
statements being made against Mudragada’s peaceful strike for the benefit of
Kapu community. He questioned how social media could be banned, in light of
Sakshi channel’s ban in the state.

Chandrababu speaking about
morals is ridiculous

Party leader Lakshmi
Parvathi called Chandrababu as the traitor who had gotten the TDP’s founding
president and former CM NTR physically attacked. She said it was ridiculous of
Chandrababu to talk about YS Jagan. She revealed that Chandrababu had earlier
gotten his cases dismissed by pleading former CM YS Rajasekhar Reddy.

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