Chandrababu Naidu: gang of thieves

Hyderabad: In
the name of Capital formation stated by Chandrababu Naidu, involving
the five six members of Kotari in doing things is raising doubts of
conspiracy in the minds of people. As a part of the project, whoever is
involving as Government senior officials, is not been allowed to
continue and every on and off there is a change in their positions
spoiling the career of the employees. So, Officers are getting scared to
enter into the Administration of the project.

Babu and the Kotari came into power, they decided and started pouring
money to Singapore team. As a part of this, the main person in Kotari,
Narayana is given the Municipal administration portfolio in
cabinet. There are doubts raised, in looking this situation, where a
person who is never before in this position in the past, even in
critical situation is given such position.  But later realised that
Kotari has foreseen and took the decision. The speciality is that all
the transactions related to Singapore are taken care by Kotari. Further,
they have seen that the information shared to Singapore Companies is
only via Narayana.

all the transactions were via Sambasiva Rao the principal secretary of
municipal administration. Preparation of agreements and other details
are known to Sambasiva Rao after Chandrababu and Narayana. As and when
that stage is done, he has been transferred to the position of EO of
TTD. Meanwhile, to take care about the Capital details, CRIDA
Organization has been made where Srikanth is appointed as Commissioner.
Land pooling is done under his authority.

the Master planning of Capital by Singapore team, development of City
and others are taken care by separate block. For this, the Secretary of
Municipal department, Giridhar is appointed as Commissioner. After
completion of all this, he is transferred. 

for the sake of accumulating money, taking care of tenders they created
Infrastructure amd Investment (I and I), where Thakkar is appointed as
the lead for it.

at each stage, one official is used and after that another, so that the
conspiracy is not revealed which is the underlying idea is maintained
very well.  Finally, there is immense care taken to see that only
Chandrababu and Kotari team is well acquainted with the Capital
formation details.

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