Chandrababu Games With Mudragada's Life

Kakinada: YSRCP's president of East Godavari district Kurasala Kannababu complained that Chandrababu had been gaming with the life of Kapu community leader and former minister Mudragada Padmanabham. He held the Government responsible for any possible harm that could happen to Mudragada. Speaking to the media at Kakinada, he stated that the mockery made by ministers on the issue while the Government was carrying out discussions was raising eyebrows. He also added that the CM was apparently driving this show.

Kannababu remarked that the problem was being seen only in political viewpoint. He pointed out the variation in DIG's words and the statements given by ministers Rajappa and Ganta Srinivasa Rao the next day. He slammed the ministers' statements in light of the issue being at the verge of solution due to discussions happening between Mudragada, Kapu JAC and the officials. He accused them of hindering the way of solution of the issue. He suggested that the Government took initiative to answer the just demands of the Kapu community at least now.

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