Chandrababu Choses Singapore For Money Laundering

Hyderabad: YSR Congress party official spokesperson Vasireddy Padma took a  broadside at Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister for the latter's failure in fulfilling the promises made to the farmers who gave away their costly lands for the construction of  capital city in Amaravati. 

She alleged that Chandrababu cheated the farmers by not providing employment and the benefits they deserved , Instead, the CM was appeasing the affected farmers with foreign tours. Over 34 farmers were sent to Singapore on a tour to study the development taken place in the country. 

Vasireddy Padma said Chandrababu had promised the best compensation for the affected farmers but none of them got the relief till the date.  She dared the CM to prove whether the TDP government rendered justice to the displaced for the last two years.To cover up his failure, the YSR Congress leader said the CM was sending farmers to Singapore.

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