Chandrababu in Capital Craze..!

Backward Areas Backstabbed..!

Public furious on Chandrababu Behavior..!

Andhra Pradesh: The people of Andhra Pradesh were furious on Chandrababu’s anarchic rule in the craziness of Capital construction. Mainly, the public of the backward areas did not like the behavior of Chandrababu. These people were furious that with his craziness on Capital he is completely ignoring their region and also diverting every other fund towards capital construction. On top of this, Chandrababu is also targeting the regions in which they did not win much seats. This was widely criticized by the Ministers themselves saying that importance for development of their regions is not given.

Capital Extravagance

Recently several political analysts and experts expressed their disappointment on Chandrababu for the injustice he has done to the backward areas with respect to the allotment of funds by the Central Government to the State. They said that by putting away the benefits of other regions just for the sake of commissions Chandrababu robbed Rs.1500 crores by bringing up Pattiseema. The experts opinionated that with his craziness on Capital he is spending a lot extravagantly which is completely affecting the backward areas. They said that the Chief Ministers attitude is badly affecting the wellbeing of every group of people.

Will not tolerate henceforth..!

The people of the backward regions are warning the government that they will not tolerate if their region is ignored in the craziness of capital construction. The public are blaming that Chandrababu is hitting on the stomach of farmers, workers and every group with his boundless anarchies and corruptive ruling. The public is furious with his secret agreements in foreign countries in the disguise of capital construction and investments. They are demanding to expose his surreptitious activities.

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