Chandrababu Can Never Compare With YSR

  • Honour of AP
    slaughtered by Babu
  • People of all classes deceived
  • We shall fight to achieve the state's rights
  • YS Jagan has to become the CM if the state has to flourish: MLAs

Chairman Buggana Rajendranath Reddy

Kurnool: MLA of Done constituency and PAC chairman Buggana Rajendranath Reddy
ridiculed the idea of comparison of Chandrababu with Dr.YS Rajasekhar Reddy. He
acclaimed YSR for earning a permanent place in people's hearts through his
impartial rule and welfare schemes. Buggana spoke at the venue of Jala Deeksha
launched by the leader of opposition and YSRCP president YS Jagan at Kurnool.
He stated that Chandrababu had deceived everybody during his 9-year tenure. He
explained that YSR had introduced fees reimbursement scheme and benefited many
poor families spending lakhs of rupees, while Chandrababu had given just the
basic tools for people in familial professions, thereby humiliating them.

Buggana criticised Chandrababu's Government's sanctioning only 1250 houses per
constituency, as this would mean only 5 houses per village. The authority of
these allocations also had been given to Janmabhoomi committees, complained
Buggana. He reminded that YSR, on the other hand, had got good quality houses
built for everybody who applied for. He also reminded how Chandrababu had
talked low of agriculture while YSR had given high importance to it.

Buggana appreciated YS Jagan for staging Jala Deeksha for the sake of
generations to come. He reminded how YS Jagan had exposed the failure of the
Government through handloom strike, farmers' strike, fees strike and Jala
Deeksha. He slammed Babu for bluffing to be providing water to Rayalaseema
through Pattiseema while the relevant GO had no mention of Rayalaseema on it.
He stated that even God would bless a deed with good intention. He mocked
Chandrababu by saying his deeds were always like buying a Tatkal ticket. He
added that the benefactors of Chandrababu's rule were only photographers and
Xerox operators.

Buggana condemned Babu's selfish motive behind Chandranna kanuka. He complained
that Heritage company was to benefit from the buttermilk scheme. He exclaimed
that Babu did not deserve to tslk about honesty, given his corruption under the
mask of capital city construction. Buggana slammed the slaughter of AP's honour
by Chandrababu in front of other states, due to being caught in Note for Vote
case. He questioned the need behind buying opposition MLAs when TDP already had
enough majority. He expressed his wish for YS Jagan's rule for the state to

boasts even during crisis

MLA Giddi Eshwari

YSRCP MLA Giddi Eshwari complained that Chandrababu had been boasting about the
development he had brought out in the state in spite of immersing it in
financial crisis. She slammed Babu for enjoying trips abroad while the state
was suffering due to the projects being built by Telangana Government. She questioned
why Babu was not interested in solving the problems of the state as much as he
had on making Lokesh a minister and a chief minister. While YS Jagan was
staging hunger strike in view of solving the probems of the farmers and the
people to compensate the negligence of the Government, TDP MLAs were making unfair
criticism against him, complained Eshwari. She also condemned Chandrababu’s
deceiving the farmers, the DWCRA women and the unemployed by not keeping the
promises he had made to them prior to elections. She commented that he was
oppressing the rights of the state for his selfish benefits. Eshwari assured
that they would keeping fighting under the leadership of YS Jagan to protect
the benefits of the state.

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