Chandrababu and his ministers lie at every chance - YS Jagan

Hyderabad: Leader of opposition YS Jagan condemned the behaviour of TDP leaders in the assembly. He commented that the way they acted reminded of dogs’ barking at an elephant’s majestic walk. Speaking during the debate regarding the No Confidence Motion passed against the TDP Government in the assembly, he mentioned that he was being falsely blamed. He specified that the TDP had been accusing him regarding Paritala Ravi’s murder case but questioned why TDP took in JC Divakar Reddy who was accused in the same case. He slammed the TDP leaders for giving such comments even after the court had delivered its verdict and appealed for removal of those statements from the record.

 YS Jagan reminded that the book authored by the then-minister Chegondi Hari Rama Jogayya described how Chandrababu Naidu had gotten Vangaveeti Ranga slaughtered. The culprits of that time were now sitting as ministers and MLAs in the assembly, remarked YS Jagan. He also commented that Chandrababu as well as his ministers lied at every chance and stated it was shameful of them to do so.

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