Binami business of Nara Lokesh exposed

  • Purchased land: 500 acres
  • Cost price: Rs.50 crores
  • Present value: Rs.650 crores
  • Binami: Vemuru Ravi Kumar among others
  • Amaravathi: Nara Lokesh, the son of CM Chandrababu Naidu holds pivotal role in the capital city lands scam. He procured huge number of lands under the name of his binami Vemuru Ravi Kumar Prasad. He got the lands registered after the announcement of capital city under different agreements with different names for every acre and 2 acres. Keep reading for the details of how Lokesh tricked the farmers in the capital city areas.

    Purchase of 500 acres with binami names

    Nara Lokesh’s binami Vemuru Ravi Kumar raised the curtain for acquisition of wide area of lands in Amaravathi mandal very close to the core capital area even before the announcement of the state’s capital on the 4th of September. Lands in 59/A2/1, 59/A2/2A, 59/A2/2B1, 59/A2/3A, 59/A/2, 59/B, 61/A1 at Dharanikota of Amaravathi mandal and 502.31 acres in 25 survey numbers at Vaikuntapuram were bought under the names of Dr. Vemuru Ravi Kumar Prasad, his wife Anuradha, Goshpadi Greenfields Pvt. Ltd., Future Space India Pvt. Ltd., Net India Pvt. Ltd. and other organizations.

    A price of only a minimum of Rs. 5 lakhs and a maximum of Rs. 9 lakhs per acre was paid in the transaction. The farmers were not paid advance money properly either. On the 5th of August 2015, they paid the rest of the money and got the lands registered.

    Procedure that made the black money white

    Lokesh palyed his cards efficiently with the help of his binamis in changing the black money to white using power. In Vaikuntapuram and Dharanikota areas of Amaravathi mandal, the Government’s market value per an acre is from Rs. 7 lakhs to Rs. 12 lakhs. But in the documents, it was showed that the value at which Dr. Vemuru Ravi Kumar Prasad, his wife Anuradha, Goshpadi Greenfields Pvt. Ltd., Future Space India Pvt. Ltd. and Net India Pvt. Ltd. bought the lands was Rs. 71,20,108 per acre. It proves that the market value was multiplied 10 times for their registration. Thus the black money was made white.

    Who is this Ravi Kumar? 

    Vemuru Ravi Kumar is the brother of Vemuru Hari Krishna Prasad, who mocked democracy by stealing EVMs and tampered them. Vemuru Hari Krishna Prasad held the responsibility of canvassing though electronic media at the time of general elections. He used to supervise IT of TDP, Heritage Foods and Government. Soon after Chandrababu came into power, he was appointed as the member of E-Governance Authority, Electronics and IT Agency and Innovation Society. He was also appointed as a member in the first phase tender supervision committee for Fiber Grid Project of value Rs.333 crores.

    Vemuru Ravi Kumar arranged for Chandrababu’s tour to America before general elections. As Quid Pro Quo, after coming into power, Chandrababu appointed him as Government’s advisor (Non-Resident Telugu People’s Affairs and Investments) on the 9th of September. Now more than 500 acres of lands have been bought with his name and his wife’s.

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