Beat Me If You Can

  • Yarapatineni Srinivas Rao is corrupt
  • House arrest to prevent exposure of corruption
  • Challenge to Yarapatineni to beat him in elections at Gurazala
Guntur: YSRCP MLA Pinnelli Ramakrishna Reddy challenged TDP MLA Yarapatineni Srinivas Rao to resign to his assembly seat, contest against him in elections and beat him. Pinnelli spoke to the media at Macharla. He complained that Yarapatineni had committed corruption in pushkaram work and that he had been house arrested to prevent him from exposing the evidences. Pinnelli proposed that whoever lost elections in Gurazala would have to quit politics. He stated that Lokayukta also had confirmed that Yarapatineni had committed corruption in mining.
Pinnelli mentioned that he would stick to his statements even now. He slammed Yarapatineni for harassing the poor in his constituency through his misdeeds. He condemned the Government for making the police house arrest him as he was setting out to expose the evidences to Yarapatineni's corruption at the discussion forum held at Dachepalli. The police also stopped and took into custody the leaders from Piduguralla, Macharla and Dachepalli as they were trying to reach the venue. Section 144 was implemented in these areas.

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