Babu's Negligence Made Krishna Delta A Barren Land

  • Krishna Delta destroyed in the name of Pattiseema scheme
  • Farmers neglected by Chandrababu
  • MVS Nagireddy slams TDP Government
  • Nagireddy examines crops in Vemuru

Tenali: YSRCP's farmers' wing president MVS Nagireddy complained that Chandrababu had destroyed Krishna Delta in the name of Pattiseema and cautioned the Government against it. Although Krishna Delta had water rights, a chaotic situation had been built up in the name of Pattiseema, he mentioned. He demanded announcement about the extent of water utilisation from Krishna board. He examined the rice crop fields in Vemuru constituency that were suffering from lack of irrigation water availability.

Later, speaking to the media, MVS Nagireddy commented that the area of cultivation land had fallen from 43 lakh hectares to 40.9 lakh hectares in the past two years of TDP rule. He added that the cultivation land in telangana, on the other hand, extended from 38.58 lakh hectares to 43 lakh hectares. In the current Kharif season, by the 15th of August, the cultivation in AP was estimated to be 69% and in Guntur district alone, it was just 59%. Only 76% of the 1.89 lakh hectares in the district could be brought under cultivation, he reported. He complained that Chandrababu had conducted Eruvaka programme and announced that sowing could happen from the 10th of July, but had totally neglected the farmers of Krishna Delta.
Nagireddy criticised that Babu had promised to take water from Pattiseema to Nellore and Penna but failed to provide water to Krishna Delta. He complained that the CM had not cared for the crop fields even around pushkaram areas and that he was responsible for changing Krishna Delta into a barren land. He sadly revealed that the poor farmers were having to extract water from canals with machinery into branch canals and then use it for watering their crops.
While the Polavaram canal that carries Pattiseema water was completed with concrete lining till 130 km had been completed in YSR's tenure, the additional 42km long canal was later built with poor quality, causing a dent, Nagireddy remarked. he added that the fear of dents was preventing the use of 24 pumps. He condemned the Government for not sanctioning input subsidy till now for drought areas. He reminded how Chandrababu had demanded for Rs.10,000 per acre of compensation during drought till 2003 and questioned why he was not implementing that now in his tenure.
Nagireddy expressed readiness to fight against any party on behalf of farmers. Farners' wing state secretary Tippareddy Ramakrishna Reddy, party leaders Perikala Kantharao, Yalamarthi Rammohan Rao, Yalavarthy Nagabhushanam, Gade Sivarama Krishna Reddy, Uyyuru Appireddy and Raparla Narendra toured in Vemuru along with Nagireddy.

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