Babu’s Deeksha Is Only A Bluff Game

Indukuripeta: YSRCP’s
general secretary Nallapureddy Prasanna Kumar Reddy criticised that the Nava
Nirmana Deeksha launched by Chandrababu was only to bluff people. He suggested
that a deeksha launched rather in Delhi would move the centre and added that
YSRCP also would support TDP in such a case. He held a media conference at
Gangapatnam on Thursday. Nallapureddy complained that Sonia Gandhi had decided
to sanction the separate state of Telangana only because Chandrababu had
submitted a no objection letter. He slammed TDP for commenting that YSRCP had
played major role behind the bifurcation, calling it a degraded act. He reminded
that YSRCP had in fact fought till the end to prevent bifurcation from

Prasanna Kumar Reddy
stated that TDP had mentioned almost 400 promises in its election manifesto,
but had ignored all of them after getting into power. He informed that a
complaint would be lodged in Kovuru police station on the 8th of
this month against the false promises.

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