Babu&Co. Brutally Attack YS Jagan

  • TDP has deceived
    everyone in the state
  • The state is being
  • The state is becoming
    an empire of corruption
  • Babu and ministers
    should keep their mouth in limit
  • They should stop
    conspiracies, corruption and robbery
  • They should pledge to
    keep their promises
  • Bhumana slams TDP

Hyderabad: YSRCP’s General Secretary Bhumana
Karunakar Reddy commented that Chandrababu was worse than Hitler and Nadir
Shah. He stated that the 40-year political career of Chandrababu was filled
with atrocities. He remarked that Chandrababu who was holding protests for the
statement that he was to be attacked with slippers, was the person who attacked
his father-in-law and founding president of TDP, NTR with slippers at Viceroy
hotel. He also mentioned that the attacks being done on the leader of
opposition and YSRCP president YS Jagan by Chandrababu’s coterie are bending
everybosy’s heads down.

Bhumana complained that
Chandrababu had not kept at least one of the 600 promises he had made prior to
elections, but was promptly ordering attackes on the opposition leader YS Jagan
for fighting on behalf of the people. He mentioned that YS Jagan was only
reflecting the agony and the displeasure of the people but the ruling party
leaders were twisting his words. He spoke in a media conference at the party’s
central office in Hyderabad.

Bhumana mentioned the promises
made by TDP in its manifesto like offering employment opportunities, stipend to
the unemployed, waiver of loans of farmers and DWCRA women, welfare of all castes,
shut down of belt shops and free provision of 20 litres through NTR Sujala
Sravanthi. He questioned if Babu could confidently say any of these promises
had been kept. He stated that people were complaining that they had been
deceived by Babu. Gold mortgaged in the banks never came home. Farmers were
committing suicide due to the waiver of loans not happening. Still the Government
was staying indifferent, criticised Bhumana. He slammed Babu’s deception,
corruption and bluffing. He blamed Babu for concentrating on criticising the
talented leader YS Jagan.

Bhumana complained that Chandrababu and co. had not hesitated to
physically attack YS Jagan when he had insisted on discussion about the promises
going unkept. They had spent days together passing personal comments against YS
Jagan and his family. He condemned the worthless ministers criticising YS
Jagan, the real fighter. He also criticised the police for standing in support
of the unjust ruling party leaders. He mentioned that the police had not filed
a single case against them when they put on fire to haystacks throughout the
area convered from Icchapuram to Chittoor. He slammed Babu for filing complaint
against the SI who tried to prevent a corporator from a fire accident. He
remarked that the police were ready to arrest them for just putting fire to one
mannequin of Chandrababu.

The state was being changed into an empire of corruption,
Bhumana complained. He added that conspiracies and corruption was behind
whatever TDP did and that was what encouraged YS Jagan to speak in such a way.
He stated that Babu was not ethically eligible to ask people to pledge for a
corruption-free state.

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