Babu Is Suffering From Memory Loss

  • Chandrababu deceived
    people by making 300 impossible promises
  • YS Jagan reflected
    people’s agony
  • Nava Nirmana Deeksha’s
    motive is not understood by TDP leaders themselves
  • Intra-TDP rumour is
    that Chandrababu has gone mentally ill
  • Chandrababu looked
    down on Dalits in Rajya Sabha elections
  • YSRCP’s Deputy Floor
    Leader Uppuleti Kalpana
  • Hyderabad: YSRCP’s Deputy Floor Leader Uppuleti Kalpana mentioned that
    people were at fury with the Government for not keeping its promises. She also
    added that the leader of opposition and YSRCP president YS Jagan was fighting
    on behalf of people, reflecting their voice. She condemned the ruling party for
    crticising the people’s leader over not being faithful to the people for giving
    them the power. During her speech to the media at Hyderabad, she cautioned the
    TDP ministers to speak with respect.

    Uppuleti confronted the TDP leaders for the unarliamentarian
    language they had used against YS Jagan in the assembly sessions. She reminded
    all the promises made to the people by TDP like waiver of loan taken by the
    DWCRA women and the farmers and a job for every household and stipend for every
    unemployed person. She remarked that the ministers were staying far from the
    people out of fear. She cautioned that time was nearing when they would be
    taught a lesson.

    What is the motive of that deeksha?

    Uppuleti Kalpana commented that the TD leaders themselves were
    unable to understand the motive of the Nava Nirmana Deeksha and stated that
    nothing had been done in Nava Nirmana Deeksha or Mahandu except criticism
    towards the leader of opposition and YSRCP president YS Jagan. Kalpana demanded
    to know what the Government had done in the last two years and what it was
    planning to do in the next three years. She demanded explanation for the
    Government’s not realizing its promises.

    Kalpana commented that the CM, unable to answer the people, was
    trying to divert their attention by making the opposition leader YS Jagan a
    target of criticism and making statements like there would soon be no
    opposition. She slammed Chandrababu making everybody in the state pledge for a
    state free of corruption. She commented that Chandrababu wanted the people to
    be sincere while the Government was corrupt. She also mentioned the Government’s
    promise to close belt shops and how new belt shops were appearing throughout
    the state unhindered.

    Babu is under an impression that power is

    Uppuleti Kalpana mentioned the rumours being circulated among
    the TDP leaders about Chandrababu losing his mental fitness. She cited
    Chandrababu’s mentioning TDP’s 35 years of tenure in the state as an example of
    his forgetfulness. She remarked that Chandrababu was under the false impression
    that power was permanent. She stated that the mental condition of Chandrababu’s
    brother Nara Rammurthy Naidu and his brother-in-law Nandamuri Balakrishna also
    was not all right and reminded that doctors from 5 hospitals had certified his
    mental instability when he had been convicted for shooting a movie producer.

    Kalpana stated that Chandrababu had hurt the feelings of lakhs
    of devotees when he gave a statement that the income in God’s hundi was
    increasing as a proof of increasing sins. She also recollected how Chandrababu
    had stated that the liquor sales had come down due to Ayyappa deekshas in the

    Kalpana questioned Chandrababu's earlier comments in a media
    conference that nobody would want to be born in SC community. She declared her
    opinion that Chandrababu would not come into power in the next elections and
    added that Chandrababu's plan of buying MLAs with corrupt money had backfired.
    She complained that TDP had tried in many ways to prevent YSRCP from getting
    its Rajya Sabha seat.

    Kalpana stated that the Yatra launched by Y S Jagan was proving the support
    YSRCP had among the people. She reminded YS Jagan's words that Chandrababu
    could by MLAs but not party activists and people with money. She mentioned TDP
    leaders' condemning criticism against a fatherly figure like Chandrababu and
    questioned if using unparliamentary language against a son-like person like YS
    Jagan was appropriate. She remarked that YS Jagan was only representing
    people's feelings cautioned against insulting YS Jagan.

    Ethical behaviour has no place in TDP

    Kalpana opined at 6 had no place in TDP and money received at most respect in
    the party. She questioned if TDP had offered Rajya Sabha seat to an SC
    candidate at least once in the 35-year history of the party. She stated that
    the name of Pushparaj had first come into picture regarding Rajya Sabha
    nomination but later the seat who was sold for money. She mentioned that YSRCP
    had offered the seat to Vijay Sai Reddy giving importance to ethics and
    sincerity. She praised Vijay Sai Reddy for being by the side of party in thick
    and thin and working for its consolidation and added that all the party leaders
    were proud of this decision. Kalpana suggested about Chandrababu realised his
    mistakes at least now and took up people-benefiting programmes in the next 3

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