Babu Is To Be Credited

Ananthapuram (Penugonda): YSRCP's district president Malagundla Sankar Narayana stated that TDP Government's failure would be exposed in the gadapagadapaku YSR Congress programme to happen from the 8th of this month. He remarked that Chandrababuhad to be credited for placing the state in the first position in corruption. He commented that TDP had opened stores of corruption at every level after promising to shut down liquor stores at the time of elections. He reminded that they had the responsibility of making people aware of TDP's irregularities. Sankar Narayana informed that a questionnaire had been prepared mentioning the promises made at the time of elections to be put in front of the people during the Gadapagadapaku programme.
Participating in this meeting were BC cell state secretary Guttur Sriramulu, legal cell state secretary and lawyer Bhaskar Reddy, market yard former chairman Nagaluru Babu, convener Srikanth Reddy, sarpanch Sudhakar Reddy, Saraswathamma, Chandrareddy, Rajagopal Reddy, MPTCs Rammohan Reddy, Murali, Anita Srinivas Reddy, party BC cell district leader Kondala Rayudu, Boya Narasimha, Boya Babu, Jaffer, Somasekhar Reddy, Sankar Reddy, Yassin and Suseelamma among others.

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